Lakefront Build – #5 Floors and Walls

Lakefront Build – #5 Floors and Walls

Lakefront Build

At Okanagan Glacier Homes, we’ve built many homes throughout the valley. We get a lot of questions about what’s involved in building a custom home. We do our best to walk you through the process, but we’re going to take that a step further and show you exactly what it takes by letting you follow along with our latest builds.

You can follow along with this project, the Lakefront Build, as we post blogs and videos during the entire process.

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Now that the foundation is completed, we’re able to start really laying down some lumber and getting the house together. We’ve started laying the major beams that form part of the structure to hold the first floor up.

The lowest level features large sweeping windows and doors that will open to the “yard”.

img_6514 img_6571img_6537

Once you get up to the second level, you can see we’ve had to use some steel beams. This is going to be the garage floor. It requires a little more stability than standard wood. Here you can also see how much framing has been completed.


Quite a bit of framing has been completed, but there’s still a lot to go. We need to get the roof and balconies completed.

img_6583 img_6588

Here you get a view of Kelowna from the second floor. There’s really not a bad view in the house.


One neat feature in this home is a grand area in the middle of the home that reaches from the first floor to the roof . It will also have windows that lead to a powerful view.


We also have a rare shot of the build from the water. Here you can see the difficult terrain we’ve had to work with in order to get this home started.


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